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Mystie Arnold, Mom ~ Yoga Instructor ~ Entrepreneur

“I am so grateful to have found Kiana! I had been "playing" around with the stock market way too long without the information or knowledge necessary to make sound, informed, responsible decisions.
Making the small investment in myself and in my family's financial future by taking her "Make Your Money Work For You Power Course" has been the BEST financial decision I have ever made..."
What You Will Learn in This Workbook
After years of studying the principles of personal finance and the stock market, investment expert and adjunct professor at Baruch College, Kiana Danial, puts all her knowledge in a step-by-step workbook so that you can get off the ground on the right foot fast...

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Students' Voice

“A great program that helps students make sense of it all and helps you make REAL money in the financial markets... a tremendous value." 

 - John Kyne, Ethics and Compliance Officer at MetLife

“Since I have joined Kiana's group, a few months ago, I have doubled the size of my account! Now I am learning how to profitably trade Stocks. I have also signed up for her Power Corse and it is so worth it. The information in her course is extremely valuable if you want to be financially successful like her. Kiana is a great teacher and a wonderful person!"

- Darlene Hemple

"Kiana is truly amazing. Her Invest Diva Power Course, daily signals and discussions are very thorough and empowering. This enables making good investment decisions. Thanks a bunch Kiana !"

- Rupesh Roy

Ilaria Melvi, Single Mom, Freelance Translator

"Thank you so much Kiana for covering all my questions during the weekly LIVE PIG sessions... I've learned so much from your technical analysis..."

Here are some of her #DivaWin reports!

"Today [dureing the Coronavirus economic meltdown] I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my portfolio and all of my stocks were displaying a cute little green number!"

"#divawin report!! I opened an account on Degiro with 1000 € and entered buy limit orders on Italian stocks and they went through! Now the stocks I have are going constantly up and it's so fascinating and entertaining! Yu-huu!"

Here's What You'll Learn From MUST HAVE Personal Finance Workbook:
  • How to measure exactly where you stand financially 
  • How to set up your financial plan to retire wealthy
  • How to measure your exact unique risk tolerance
  • Measure how much you should be investing and set your financial goals like a pro using the "TIME VALUE OF MONEY" (TVM) Techniques
  • How to navigate through different types of investments and select the right ones based on your unique risk tolerance
  • How the stock market works
  • How to research for the RIGHT investments and avoid the market noise
  • How to analyze different categories of stocks and create your perfect diversified portfolio
“Kiana has helped me reach my goals of buying a house and being financially free.She has the ability to break down the complicated investment tactics in easy-to-understand methodologies, and actually apply them to my portfolio.“ 

- Rich Weber, Police Officer

“Kiana’s market analysis is always based on empirical, unbiased study and she adheres to the golden rule of trading: “follow the data”. If you want to increase your level of success in trading, follow Kiana!”

– Jay Norris, Founder, Trading University

“Kiana offers sound advice in a down-to-earth, fun, and easy to understand format. It's nice to learn and crack up at the same time because life is serious enough! Customer service is also excellent and responses are fast. Thx Invest Diva team! U all rock! “
- Donna Young

The Ultimate Workbook
To Achieve Financial Freedom
“I decided to take the Make Your Money Work For You powercourse and learn a lot about equities and stocks.  
I'm grateful that I completed the whole power course because I now learn a lot about other financial instruments or assets like stocks and before I was just like stock up only investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 
Now that I have finished the power course, I found now that stocks are also another good way to invest and find other investment sources. I also learned a lot about the technical analysis and I can analyze stocks and understand all the forces that are involved in creating investment strategies. So I definitely recommend for anyone to take the power course and make your money work for you.” – Jorge Aragon
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It's Time For You To Take Control Of Your Financial Future and Start Investing the RIGHT Way

More testimonials... 
"... Kiana is one of those rare experts who not only is a great trader, but also has the ability to explain complicated techniques in simple terms. In this book Kiana has distilled the Ichimoku technique so anyone can learn it and implement it in their trading strategy based on their risk tolerance. A bonus on top of all this is that Kiana is also a hilarious entertainer. After you are done with this book, you should check out her videos explaining trading concepts, learn from it and also have a laugh or two! ”  – Carmelo Imerti, Technical Analyst
"Kiana is excellent at explaining interesting and complex market phenomena in clear, useful, and approachable ways for traders and investors." – Chris Meyer, Clinical Assistant Professor, Fordham University, Fordham Foundry

“Kiana has done a tremendous job of simplifying a powerful yet commonly misunderstood indicator. Intermediate to experienced traders will find this book of great value if they are looking to adjust their medium to long term strategies to fit specific risk tolerances.”  – Ilan Azbel, CEO at AutoChartist

“I don’t make a single investing move without Kiana’s guidance! It is amazing how I only make money when Kiana has approved the strategy during our private lessons.” – Melissa Ward, Single Mom

“Kiana Danial has a real knack for breaking down a complex subject into understandable and practical building blocks so that once an investor finishes reading ICHIMOKU secrets, they will have a clear Ichimoku trading model to follow. Kiana’s successful trading career gives the book substance and is a must read for any serious investor.”
  – Jody Samuels, CEO, FX Trader’s EDGE

“Kiana does an excellent job of breaking down the Ichimoku indicator in a simple, easy to understand format.  She dives deep into the history of Ichimoku and how to apply it to your trading.  Regardless of whether you are a new trader, experienced trader, or somewhere in-between this is a must read.  It is the closest thing to a “holy grail” I have seen when it comes to the Ichimoku indicator.”  – Trent Hoerr, Head of Sales Forest Park FX  
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