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Jim Cramer 
CNBC Commentator and host of Mad Money

“The best technician out there. In my mind, Rick was the heir to the great Bob Farrell at Merrill Lynch, and a totally terrific guy, to boot.” 
Byron Wien
Wall Street icon and former Chief US Strategist at Morgan Stanley

“Rick is a first rate technical analyst. When we worked together at Morgan Stanley, he was very helpful in providing insights into what was really happening in the market and what was likely to happen going forward.” 
Peter Howard
Independent Oil and Silver Trader; 28-year member & trader on COMEX & NYMEX

“I’ve read Rick’s reports regularly for years. He has an uncanny sense of when a market is going to change direction, and his technical trading levels are the best that I’ve used in all my years in the commodities markets. There is no one better to have in your corner.”
Do the financial websites you visit sell you on great investing concepts but rarely work when you put your money to work?
Do you find that the financial instruments you’re trading rarely turn near the support or resistance levels that you’ve worked diligently to determine?
Do you feel as if you’re always at a disadvantage getting information and an edge in trading compared to Wall Street institutions?
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Some of Rick's Experiences
Chief Market Strategist 
Head of Cross-Asset Trading Strategy
Taught core course on Behavioral Finance 
Give me more reasons...
  • Rarely, if ever, has a Wall Street strategist with these type credentials delivered to the retail market this type trading information
  • Most financial newsletters aimed at the public are written by people who have never worked in high level Wall Street jobs, or by former financial advisors who are more salesman than anything else.  
  • Midweek market update and insights
  • Access to a premium member-only IM chat room

Yes,I'd like to make smarter and better-timed calls

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who should get these signals?- Any one looking to buy stocks and ETFs “low" and sell them “high”. (After all, that is what everyone is supposed to be doing.) 
  • What if I'm not happy with the signals?- Try the product for two weeks to get the feel of why so many professional money managers rely on Rick for his signals. If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your subscription price in full; NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 
  • How often do I receive the signals?- Rick’s weekly report will be sent to you on the first or second trading day of the week
  • How are these signals different than others online?- These signals are different than any other product you’ve seen. They incorporate behavioral finance, market timing, and this top veteran’s expertise in picking beaten down names to buy and potentially upside exhausted names to sell, as well as upside or downside breakouts that have market physics behind them to extend their trends. The public has never had access to these type institutionally-based models before — let alone interpreted by someone with Rick’s reputation and experience.
  • How do you define the signals?- The signals are often identified by rule-based price relationships from price bar to price bar, as well as incorporating behavioral finance biases that suggest where and when trend exhaustion is likely.
  • How can I apply these signals to my portfolio?- Rick will always monitor the S&P 500 as the backdrop to all equity based investing, as one must know if the overall market is moving bullishly or bearishly. With that in mind, then one can incorporate Rick's specific equity or ETF signals to best fit their desired portfolio’s risk and style to better round out your overall stock exposure.  
  • Is it only forex signals? Or stocks as well?- We will concentrate on the equity market, but will frequently recommend other asset class trades (i.e. commodities, bonds, FX) when we see solid return vs. risk opportunities appear. 
  • Are the signals for day traders or long term investors?- Generally, our signals are for short to medium to players (i.e. weeks to months). We do not suggest one day-trade markets, as even professionals have stepped away from this arena in the past few years as quant-oriented algorithms have taken away much of the profit opportunities that previously existed. 
  • Is it easy to be able to follow Rick’s signals?- Yes. One need not be a market professional to understand what to do, as Rick makes rather specific calls that one can easily follow. In addition, at the back of every market report, Rick has a short description of many of the models that he employs, and he highly recommends that you read these to better understand his general thought process for why a model may be kicking in a signal. Rick has educated thousands of money managers on Wall Street, and he wants you to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, and not simply investing blindly. 
  • What is Rick’s background?- Rick started his career by trading for 12 years in the pits on several NY commodities exchanges, where he traded stock index, gold, silver, cocoa, and sugar futures. He then went to Morgan Stanley as a institutional commodities salesperson and strategist; then on to Bloomberg as Head of Futures, Commodities, and Technical Analysis; again back to Morgan Stanley to become their Chief Market Strategist; and then to Wells Fargo Securities as Head of Cross Asset Trading Strategy. He has one of the most high level and well-rounded Wall Street careers you will find, with an outstanding name and reputation to match it. We are so very lucky and proud to have him join us on our Invest Diva platform.
Unlocking Wall Street Secrets
Where do financial institutions actually pull the trigger on their trades?
Most financial newsletters aimed at the public are written by people who have never worked in high level Wall Street jobs, or by former financial advisors who have a sales agenda.
Wall Street Insider of 20+ years shares Buy/ Sell signals that were once ONLY available to corporate clients on the Street. 
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