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Here is What People are Saying
Jim Cramer 
CNBC Commentator and host of Mad Money

“The best technician out there. In my mind, Rick was the heir to the great Bob Farrell at Merrill Lynch, and a totally terrific guy, to boot.” 
Byron Wien
Wall Street icon and former Chief US Strategist at Morgan Stanley

“Rick is a first rate technical analyst. When we worked together at Morgan Stanley, he was very helpful in providing insights into what was really happening in the market and what was likely to happen going forward.” 
Peter Howard
Independent Oil and Silver Trader; 28-year member & trader on COMEX & NYMEX

“I’ve read Rick’s reports regularly for years. He has an uncanny sense of when a market is going to change direction, and his technical trading levels are the best that I’ve used in all my years in the commodities markets. There is no one better to have in your corner.”
Unlocking Wall Street Secrets
Where do financial institutions actually pull the trigger on their trades?
Most financial newsletters aimed at the public are written by people who have never worked in high level Wall Street jobs, or by former financial advisors who have a sales agenda.
Wall Street Insider of 20+ years shares Buy/ Sell signals that were once ONLY available to corporate clients on the Street. 
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