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This is NOT for lazy people. 
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Student Success

Shabnam Shamloo - Built a $100K Portfolio

Grace Wee,
Healthcare Worker

"Within 1 year of signing up with Kiana Danial's Invest Diva Powercourse, my overall portfolio has grown by over 100%, with my best performing stocks based on Kiana's recommendations have grown by over 200%"

- Mystie Arnold

 Entrepreneur, Mom of 2

"I am so grateful to have found Kiana! I had been "playing" around with the stock market way too long without the information or knowledge necessary to make sound, informed, responsible decisions.

Making the small investment in myself and in my family's financial future by taking her Make Your Money Work For You Power Course has been the BEST financial decision I have ever made.

By Award-Winning and Internationally Recognized Professor, Investor & Author, Kiana Danial...

Student Testimonial

Ana Workman - Built A $200k Portfolio

 You'll start with...
 You'll start with...
  • Lifetime Access
  • To the Make your Money Work For You PowerCourse  that includes an eight-week step-by-step guide, tons of videos, cheat sheets, templates and more so that you can get off the ground on the right foot, fast. (Value: $20,000.00)
  •  The Ultimate Investor’s Toolkit
  • Every tool you need to make investments that are perfect for you, and only for you including my Profitability Calculator, Risk Assessment Calculator, Investment indicators, Technical Analysis secrets, all of my favorite investing sites & resources, and much much more... ($997 Value)
  • 3 Mo. FREE Premium Investing Group (PIG)
  • Cut down on market noise and get our investment strategies that you can adjust to your level of risk tolerance and financial goals so you don't blow up your account just like I did when I first got started! Get a fun and to-the-point monthly newsletter at your door that summarizes all our investment strategies so you don't have to waste time researching which stocks are worth buying, when to buy, and when to sell. Get my personal MUST-HAVE list of the assets I own in my $5M portfolio and my HOTTEST portfolio pick every single month. Get 3 months access to the PIG membership area and discover thousands of investment strategies you can select from based on your financial goals. (Value: $1,191)
  • 3 Mo. FREE Premium Coaching Community
  • Access our team of high level coaches who will come in and help you to answer your questions and help you reach your goals. Real-time investment strategy sessions multiple times a week (in different time zones!) with our high level coaches! Have our Head Money Mentors help you with your investment strategies, reach out for support if you ever get stuck, so you can celebrate your big wins, so you can help others who are just getting started on their journey, and so you have a place where you feel comfortable and at home with people who know and understand you. This isn’t like any other community you’ve seen or been involved in especially in the stocks and investing world. This isn’t like the Stock Trading groups on What’s App where everybody’s spamming their investments and earnings and insulting each other, bringing each other down… it’s a devoted group of Invest Divas and Divos just like you who are supportive, positive, and proactive, ambitious, and want to see you win… (Value: $2,997)
  •  My Black Book of Investments
  • That has ALL of investments for the past 3 years! Here you can visually see all my past investments and the exact reasoning behind it, so you understand why I made these investments, or better yet, copy them. ($997)
  •  My Weird Japanese Investing System
  • My step-by-step guideline to Ichimoku, Fibonacci and the IDDA investment system that makes me over 325% return per year (Priceless)
     In a couple weeks, once your dreams are starting to turn into plans, we'll crack open the vault and dig deeper into the details of success with my...
    • ​ Volatility Proofing Hacks: So you can instantly create an investment portfolio that can weather through any type of market, when one type of asset like the stock market is down, you find other investing opportunities to hedge and balance your portfolio, and continue to make money, EVEN during an economic recession. (Value: $2,997) 
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    Student Success

    Nicole Das, property manager

    “My husband and I just bought a new home and we owe it all to Kiana’s Make your Money Work for You PowerCourse. Since joining we have learned how to take strategic steps in order to achieve our financial goals through investing in the online markets, increasing our wealth by over 73%."

    Tonya Rideout - Built a $500K Portfolio

    Ken Yards - Built a $100K Portfolio

    Students' Voice

    “A great program that helps students make sense of it all and helps you make REAL money in the financial markets... a tremendous value." 

     - John Kyne, Ethics and Compliance Officer at MetLife

    “Since I have joined Kiana's group, a few months ago, I have doubled the size of my account! Now I am learning how to profitably trade Stocks. I have also signed up for her Power Corse and it is so worth it. The information in her course is extremely valuable if you want to be financially successful like her. Kiana is a great teacher and a wonderful person!"

    - Darlene Hemple

    "Kiana is truly amazing. Her Invest Diva Power Course, daily signals and discussions are very thorough and empowering. This enables making good investment decisions. Thanks a bunch Kiana !"

    - Rupesh Roy

    Ilaria Melvi, Single Mom, Freelance Translator

    "Thank you so much Kiana for covering all my questions during the weekly LIVE PIG sessions... I've learned so much from your technical analysis..."

    Here are some of her #DivaWin reports!

    "Today [dureing the Coronavirus economic meltdown] I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my portfolio and all of my stocks were displaying a cute little green number!"

    "#divawin report!! I opened an account on Degiro with 1000 € and entered buy limit orders on Italian stocks and they went through! Now the stocks I have are going constantly up and it's so fascinating and entertaining! Yu-huu!"

    “Kiana has helped me reach my goals of buying a house and being financially free.She has the ability to break down the complicated investment tactics in easy-to-understand methodologies, and actually apply them to my portfolio.“ 

    - Rich Weber, Police Officer

    “Kiana’s market analysis is always based on empirical, unbiased study and she adheres to the golden rule of trading: “follow the data”. If you want to increase your level of success in trading, follow Kiana!”

    – Jay Norris, Founder, Trading University

    “Kiana offers sound advice in a down-to-earth, fun, and easy to understand format. It's nice to learn and crack up at the same time because life is serious enough! Customer service is also excellent and responses are fast. Thx Invest Diva team! U all rock! “
    - Donna Young

    Now we need to talk about a couple “myths” that I also faced when I first started my journey as an investor

    Myth #1

    It Worked For Them, But it Won’t Work For Me
    Because….[INSERT B.S.].
    If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you are hurting yourself with some pretty bad B.S. (Belief Systems).

    You see...with that type of mindset you are SABOTAGING yourself and not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.

    The reality is things take TIME...

    When something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s broken — it means you need to “pivot” or “iterate” and shift.

    The strategies I teach WILL work for you, but only if you believe they will and are willing to pivot and shift when necessary.

    I know one thing for sure, and that is that nothing beats EXPERIENCE.

    Accessing someone else’s proven methods is a shortcut, because rather than failing on your own you can learn from their failures and experiences.

    Myth #2

    I need a lot of money to truly grow my wealth
    and implement trading tactics.
    When I first started to trade in the forex market I was a college student—in my early 20s.

    I had already been burned once by a money manager, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

    I was what you’d call a “scrappy trader” and was simply bootstrapping my portfolio.

    No funding, no big budgets. Just me and a laptop.

    I’ve learned a lot since then, and if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I can’t stand OVERPAYING for anything. I love a good deal and strategies that pay more value.
    Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse
    My 28-Module Course for Developing, Scaling and Automating Your Investment Strategies Using My Secret Financial Planning Tactics
    28 Modules of Training Over 8 Weeks
    Learning through: 
    Audio, Video, Written Exercises, Cheat Sheets and Manual Guides
    Everything Broken Down into Easy Pieces 
    The Big Promise

    In just the first 14 days, you have the exact financial plan for you and your family, know your risk tolerance and understand the basics of investing.

    Then, you continue your journey with bulletproof investment management, budgeting and financial planning process and infrastructure.

    The BEST part? You don't need to be super smart or savvy to use my investment roadmap.

    In fact, people that just follow the steps without over-analyzing tend to do better.

    So DON'T OVERTHINK the process, just take small steps every day. 

    And even if you do already consider yourself smart or savvy with investing, keep an open mind and follow the straightforward structure.

    This IS the path to breaking through and getting results!

    SO -- What's inside the Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse?

    Well, I can't possibly fir everything on this page, but let me share a rough outline of what we'll be covering.

    Note: of course this is subject to change and constantly evolving. Also, there are some "high level" concepts that may not be listed here.

    What You Are Going to Get ...
    New York's Top Quality Education
    • Make Your Money Work For You 8-Week PowerCourse = ($20,000.00 Value)
    • The Ultimate Investor’s Toolkit= ($997.00 Value)
    • Recession-Proofing Hacks=   ($2,997 Value)
    • My Black Book of Investments=    ($597 Value)
    • 3 Months Free High Level Coaching=    ($997 Value)
    • 3 Mo. Premium Investing Group Membership= ($1,191 Value)
    • Secret Tax Loopholes = (Priceless)
    Total Value: $29,273.00
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    Disclaimer: Any information presented is not investment advice.  
    Please carefully read the Term of Services and Privacy Policy

    EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: The Invest Diva Movement and the Make your Money Work For You PowerCourse were created to help those who want to grow their wealth  through investing in online financial assets such as stocks . While many have achieved financial success by following the steps outlined in the course, this is not a get-rich-quick program. If you want to find a get-rich-quick scheme, we encourage you to scroll right by us, and we wish you well in your endeavors. Seriously, the internet is full of just won’t find one here. The products and services offered to Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse members are exclusively for informational and educational purposes. This program requires hard work, dedication, a focus on learning…and we’ve found that a heart for helping others is pretty dang helpful in both life and business. 

    PowerCourse Refund Policy
    We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. We offer a 30-day refund period for purchases if less than 35% of total course material has been viewed (we use a database provider who provides accurate metrics regarding viewership of total course content). However, in order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you. Please note, if you select the monthly payment option we are not able to stop payments without a refund request being submitted. Refund requests within 24 hours of purchase may require additional verification in an effort to prevent piracy.
    This is what we call satisfaction guaranteed. What that means is that once you get in, participate in the program and submit your answers to the review questions for the first 6 modules out of the 28-module PowerCourse and still don’t think it’s right for you, we’ll gladly give you a full refund…
    You must complete the refund requirements (see below for instructions) within 30 days of enrollment. Refunds are given only when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the Powercourse and has completed the review questions for the first 6 modules. The answers must show that you indeed have made progress and understand the basics of each module.
    Please read the actions you need to take to qualify for a refund here

    Please only join the Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse if you are an action taker and you know you are going to put in the effort and actually do the work and study as this is not one of those get-rich-quick programs.

    Now here is some legal stuff (you had to know that was coming.) Nothing on this page, any of our associated websites, social media properties, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results. We always recommend using caution and consulting your accountant, lawyer, or professional financial advisor before making any investment decision or before acting on this or any other business or financial information. Basically: talk to professionals before you start investing, recognize that all investments come with an inherent risk, and we don’t guarantee results. Pretty straightforward, right? 

    Instructions to qualify for a Powercourse Refund 

    **Please Do NOT Purchase If You Are Not Ready To Commit To Taking Control Of Your Financial Future**

    • Requirement 1: It’s been less than 30 days since you purchased
    • Requirement 2: You completed less than 35% of the course material
    • Requirement 3: You viewed 100% of the videos for modules 1-6
    • ​Requirement 4: Complete the Review Questions and Homework Assignments in Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and submit results from research and answers to Invest Diva via email to
    • Requirement 5: Must participate in the private Insider Club Facebook group: Write one post per week, or one comment on another member’s post, or ask one question you may have or advice from members for 2 weeks.

    Here are the modules homework assignments you are required to complete: 

    • Module 1:Mindest & Financial Planning 
    • 1.1 (3 Homework Assignments)
    • 1.2 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • 1.3 (2 Homework Assignments)
    • Module 2 :Current Financial Situation
    • 2.1 (3 Homework Assignments)
    • 2.2 (3 Homework Assignments)
    • 2.3 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • Module 3: Your Risk Tolerance
    • 3.1 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • 3.2 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • 3.4 (2 Homework Assignments)
    • Module 4: Time Value of Money
    • 4.3 (2 Homework Assignments)
    • 4.4 (2 Homework Assignments)
    • 4.5 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • ​4.6 (2 Homework Assignments)
    • Module 5: Starting to Invest
    • 5.3 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • Module 6: Stocks | Margins | Short-selling
    • 6.1 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • 6.2 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • 6.3 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • 6.4 (1 Homework Assignment)
    • ​6.5 (1 Homework Assignment)

    *Note: you are NOT required to use personal information to complete the homework! You can use example data when completing.*

    *ONLY after completing all of these steps, if you feel the course still hasn’t helped you to take control of their financial future, will we offer a refund.*

    Why We Created Our Refund Policy This Way

    Our main goal with the Invest Diva Movement is to help people take control of their financial future and make their money work for them.
    The reason why we designed the refund policy this way, is that we KNOW our program will help you with your finances.

    We KNOW you will be better off financially by completing the first few modules.

    Our mission is to help you take control of your of your financial future, whether you decide to stick with us till the end or not.

    So as a service to you, we invite you to complete just the first 6 modules out of 24 modules, and we give you a FULL refund if you’re still not satisfied and don't think the Invest Diva Movement is the right community for you to support you reach your goals.

    Basically, you can have the cake and eat it too.

    Does that sound fair?