Million Dollar Family Secrets 

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How To Build a Wealth Ecosystem That Increases Your Income
And Puts Your Money To Work

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Inside My New Book...

The Secrets of How I Went from a
Welfare Diva to a Millionaire Diva

No matter how secure your or your spouse’s job may be, achieving true financial freedom in the current volatile economy can be difficult.

How do you achieve the type of financial freedom that not only guarantees your early retirement but also turns your money into generational wealth so that your children and other family members can survive if something catastrophic happens?

Million Dollar Family Secrets uncovers the myths around money that are putting you and your children in financial danger. It also reveals the hidden truths that could be preventing you from creating generational wealth.

The truth is that money moves from those who don’t put it to work to those who do. Most people think that financial literacy is a side effect of wealth, but wealth is a side effect of financial literacy.

This book will teach you the principles I personally used to go from a Welfare Diva to a Millionaire Diva, and how you can do it too. 

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your copy of Million Dollar Family Secrets
(view 4 out of 16 chapters): 

Chapter #1: Learn The Definition of a Millionaire

  • The Four Types of Millionaires: In order to successfully embark on a journey, you need to fully understand where you're going. By learning the differences between the four types of millionaire, you can create your wealth ecosystem strategically....
  • Becoming an Asset Millionaire: Understand the principles of becoming an asset millionaire
  • Becoming a Cash-Flow Millionaire: Learn how cash-flow millionaires operate and decide if it's the right choice for you
  • Becoming a Portfolio Millionaire: Learn the definition of a portfolio millionaire and avoid the pitfalls getting there
  • Becoming a Trust-Fund Millionaire: Discover the fundamental rule of asset protection that most people forget about

Chapter #2: Learn the Facts—and Myths—About Your Money

  • What the wealthy don't want you to know: The system is designed for the big guys to get richer. The way they keep the system going is by spreading misinformation that keeps us from going to the next level.
  • Why money managers don't have your best interest at heart: Understand how money managers REALLY work and how they typically take advantage of their clients. 
  • Why earning more money won't make you wealthy: Discover how people get stuck in the rat-race and how entrepreneurs go bankrupt
  • What employer-sponsored retirement account managers don't want you to know: Learn the disadvantages of leaving all your money in your 401K and other retirement accounts
  • How banks screw you over: Discover the nasty little truth the banks don't want you to know and how you're LOSING money as a result of not knowing this. 

Chapter #3: Learn the Easiest, Low-Risk Way to Start Controlling Your Money Right Now

  • How I went from $500 to $5M: I lost ALL my money when I first got started and then again after a few years. A single shift that changed everything. I'll explain exactly what that shift was in this chapter, and why you'll be shocked when you read it.
  • The Anti-Wall Street method: This chapter shows you exactly what the boys of Wall Street don't want you to know and how to beat them at their own game
  • The biggest mistake investors make: Learn why most people who get in the financial markets LOSE all their money and how to avoid it
  • When to get in: Learn why most people are either too early or too late to take advantage of the markets

Chapter #4: Learn How to
Accelerate Your Portfolio

  • The Diva Wealth Ecosystem: I was stuck below $100K per year even though I was being featured on the biggest media channels, was averaging a 75% ROI in my portfolio and was a best-selling author. It wasn't until I discovered what's MISSING that I accelerated to to becoming a millionaire within a year
  • ​How Compounding REALLY work: Discover the fastest way to compound your money (that won't require you to be stuck to your screen all day)
  • Say good-bye to your 9-5: How to increase your income on your own, and instead of building someone else's empire, put the same amount of energy in building your own empire
  • Cashin' your Passion: Learn how you can turn your passion and expertise into an income-generating offer
  • The Zen Wealth Generator:  Learn exactly how I used my Zen Wealth Generator to go from $500 to $50,000... then from $50K to $200K... Then from $200K to $1 million... and from $1 million to over $5 million... and how YOU CAN DO IT TOO if you apply my principles. 

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These bonuses are designed to help you actually APPLY what I teach in this book so you can achieve success FASTER

This book will help you...

  • Finally grasp what you didn’t learn about money in school (but should have)
  • ​Know exactly how much you will need to retire
  • ​Avoid being part of the 50% of Americans who die poor or nearly broke
  • ​Become financially literate so you can build wealth
  • ​Realize what it means to be a millionaire
  • ​Recognize the four different types of millionaires (and which one to avoid)
  • ​Understand why monogamy is the wrong path when it comes to investing
  • ​Help your money have babies so you can create generational wealth
  • ​Uncover the mystery of compound interest—even if you’re bad at math
  • ​Find out why increasing your influence is key to developing a Diva Wealth Ecosystem™️
  • ​Discover the best way to increase your income
  • ​Position yourself to work because you want to, not because you have to
  • ​Become the kind of person who can live the life of your dreams
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