From the Award-Winning Investment Coach &
Professor at Baruch College in New York, Kiana Danial
A Small Investment to Gain Big Knowledge
(E-book, PDF Format)
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The experienced trader's guide to applying the Ichimoku indicator the right way.

Whether you’ve already started trading, or you’re itching to start, this is a recipe for making more profit, more often. What if you could develop winning strategies all by yourself? What if you were the first to spot a trend-change in the market? And were able to calculate the exact target levels and aim for them based on your portfolio and risk tolerance? This book will build your strategy development skills—fast

How to Apply 
Ichimoku Secrets
to Develop 
Based on Your Risk Tolerance




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Rob Booker, Host, Trader Radio

“This is a MUST-READ for any trader looking to make better, faster trading decisions. Kiana has written the definitive guide to profiting from the Ichimoku Kynko Hyo - in a clear, step by step format that is perfect for beginners or even advanced traders. She not only shares some incredibly effective trading strategies - but she also explains the simple market psychology for why the strategies work.” 
What You Will Learn in This Book
After years of studying the principles of market sentiment, investment expert and adjunct professor at Baruch College, Kiana Danial, gets to the bottom of this mysterious Japanese indicator, and combines it with Fibonacci retracement levels to develop trading strategies based on individual's risk tolerance; a method that has helped her and her Invest Diva students create profitable investing strategies.
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Disclaimer: If you are looking for a long novel on Ichimoku interpretations, then this book is NOT for you.

If you are looking for the simple steps to apply Ichimoku strategies based on your risk tolerance, then this is the book for you.

This book has 100 pages. 
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"... Kiana is one of those rare experts who not only is a great trader, but also has the ability to explain complicated techniques in simple terms. In this book Kiana has distilled the Ichimoku technique so anyone can learn it and implement it in their trading strategy based on their risk tolerance. A bonus on top of all this is that Kiana is also a hilarious entertainer. After you are done with this book, you should check out her videos explaining trading concepts, learn from it and also have a laugh or two! ”  – Carmelo Imerti, Technical Analyst
"Kiana is excellent at explaining interesting and complex market phenomena in clear, useful, and approachable ways for traders and investors." – Chris Meyer, Clinical Assistant Professor, Fordham University, Fordham Foundry

“Kiana has done a tremendous job of simplifying a powerful yet commonly misunderstood indicator. Intermediate to experienced traders will find this book of great value if they are looking to adjust their medium to long term strategies to fit specific risk tolerances.”  – Ilan Azbel, CEO at AutoChartist

“I don’t make a single investing move without Kiana’s guidance! It is amazing how I only make money when Kiana has approved the strategy during our private lessons.” – Melissa Ward, Single Mom

“Kiana Danial has a real knack for breaking down a complex subject into understandable and practical building blocks so that once an investor finishes reading ICHIMOKU secrets, they will have a clear Ichimoku trading model to follow. Kiana’s successful trading career gives the book substance and is a must read for any serious investor.”
  – Jody Samuels, CEO, FX Trader’s EDGE

“Kiana does an excellent job of breaking down the Ichimoku indicator in a simple, easy to understand format.  She dives deep into the history of Ichimoku and how to apply it to your trading.  Regardless of whether you are a new trader, experienced trader, or somewhere in-between this is a must read.  It is the closest thing to a “holy grail” I have seen when it comes to the Ichimoku indicator.”  – Trent Hoerr, Head of Sales Forest Park FX  
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The Japanese Way
to Trading Success
“A MUST READ for all traders interested in making money like a pro! I first met Kiana after I attended one of her live webinars and have continued to be impressed by her teaching themes and explanations. I have referred many clients to her and they’re all very pleased and impressed on how much they learned in a short period of time. With a firm but friendly demeanor, Kiana manages to keep execute excellency not only in her education courses, but also in her books.” – Michael Vega, Business Development at DriveWealth LLC
Here's What You'll Learn From MUST READ Book:
  • Fundamentals of Ichimoku Kynko Hyo
  • Using Ichimoku as an Entry Signal
  • How to use Ichimoku to Manage Trading Risk
  • Bullish & Bearish Trigger Confirmations
  • Using Ichimoku as an Exit Trading Strategy
  • How to use Ichimoku on Different Time Frames
  • The Ichimoku - Fibonacci Golden Combo
  • Combining Ichimoku with the IDDA approach
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Disclaimer: Any information presented is not investment advice.  
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