$350,000 USD Full Pay
or $25,000 Paid In Full & 12 Monthly Installments

Kiana specializes in helping High-Level Professionals and Entrepreneurs accelerate their wealth-building process.

She can help you in two main ways:

1 - Help you overcome your struggles with business profit instability amidst ever-evolving marketing conditions.

2- Help you develop a Wealth Diva Ecosystem™ to amplify your income, enhance your influence, and safeguard your investments.

>> Who Kiana works with:

- Online Business Owners
- High-Level Coaches
- Social Media/Digital Marketing Agency Owners
- High-Level professionals who are creating a new business

>> She does not work with:

- Young adult students
- Wantrepreneurs
- Financially strained professionals

>> How DIAMOND with Kiana Danial helps you get results

- Tailored automated business plan to help you scale your business

- Exclusive 2X VIP Day with Kiana and her team aboard a private jet.

- One-year membership in Kiana Danial's Million Dollar Family Accelerator ($55,000 per year value).

- Personalized coaching from Kiana Danial's marketing team to optimize your marketing strategies and funnels.

- Direct access to Kiana Danial and her team at a high level for one year.

- Gain exposure and be interviewed by Kiana on her social media channels, with a combined following of 545,000, during your visit to Kiana Danial's La Diva Palace (her state-of-the-art home).

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>> Pricing & Time
DIAMOND program: $350,000
VIP days will be scheduled based on mutual availability.
Please ensure you can comfortably afford this investment before applying.

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DIAMOND with Kiana Danial


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When you submit this application as well as payment, you can book a call with the Invest Diva Team to discuss your goals so we can see if you're the right fit for this program.

We reserve the right to work one-on-one only with "perfect fit" candidates.
Kiana Danial, CEO of Invest Diva, is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author and an award-winning internationally recognized personal investing and wealth creation expert. 

Having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Forbes, Kiplinger, Business Insider, TheStreet, Nasdaq, Fox Business, CNN, Yahoo! Finance, and Cheddar. 

Kiana is a highly sought-after commentator, professional speaker, and executive coach who has reported on the financial markets directly from the floor of the NYSE and NASDAQ using her Unshakable Wealth Ecosystem; she built an 8-figure net worth within three years. 

She went from not having money to pay rent to a self-made 8-figure investor and entrepreneur.
$2000 Non-Refundable Deposit
REQUIRED: Yes, I understand that my payment is non-refundable unless Invest Diva decides that I am not a perfect candidate for mentorship.

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How The Zen Wealth Generator Works

Most of you know me as an author, investor, and a former electrical engineer…
But over the years I’ve had to reinvent myself to also become an entrepreneur 💃🏻

Once I made it with my business, I found out that creating wealth and COMPOUNDING are much more profound when you do them through what I call a “Zen Wealth Generator”…

It has 3 steps that keep repeating themselves:

1- INVEST (in yourself)
2- INCREASE (your income)
3- INVEST (in financial markets to make your money work for you)
4- INSURE (Keep, preserve and pass along your wealth tax free)

By Mastering the Zen Wealth Generator, you'll enable your money to compound at the highest level where your money making money, and the money money makes,  makes more money.

In this program, Kiana will personally mentor you to create, launch, and scale your very own Zen Wealth Generator.

Are You Ready For Your Zen Wealth Generator?

Who Is This Offer For?

Is your current net worth between $500,000 and $1,000,000, and yet you feel stuck?

Do you know your numbers? What is your monthly personal and business cash flow? 
What is your risk tolerance? What is your net worth? Is your portfolio making your money have babies?

Do you have a unique investment strategy that reflects your current financial situation and goals?

In your business, how much are you spending on ads per month?  How many leads are you generating per month? How many core product sales do you make per month? How many premium value offer sales do you make per month? What is your current monthly revenue from continuity?

Are you ready to take immediate action?

Who Is This Offer NOT For?

Business owners who have not already generated $1M in revenue.

Business owners who do not have at least $450,000 in liquid cash.

Business owners who are not ready to take action to 10x their current net worth.

What's Included With In DIAMOND?

1) 12 hours of one on one coaching with Kiana Danial.

2) Fly on a private jet with Kiana Danial and her marketing and support team to an event where Kiana will be speaking (inside the ropes, backstage pass) and complete breakdown of how Kiana is generating a passive 6 or 7 figures per month

3) 1 year in Kiana Danial’s Million Dollar Family Accelerator ($55,000 per year).

4) One-on-one coaching from Kiana Danial’s marketing team to optimize your marketing and funnels 

5) Higher-level access to Kiana Danial and her team.

6) Visit Kiana Danial at La Diva Palace (Kiana's new state-of-the-art home) for one day and get interviewed by her on her social media channels with a combined 545,000 followers

Feel The Love From Kiana's Students 

Disclaimer: Any information presented is not investment advice.  
Please carefully read the Term of Services and Privacy Policy

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: The Invest Diva Movement, Make your Money Work For You PowerCourse, and the MillionDollarFamily Accelerator were created to help those who want to grow their wealth through investing in online financial assets such as stocks . While many have achieved financial success by following the steps outlined in our events and programs, these is not get-rich-quick services. If you want to find a get-rich-quick scheme, we encourage you to scroll right by us, and we wish you well in your endeavors. Seriously, the internet is full of them...you just won’t find one here. 

The products and services offered to the Invest Diva Movement and Million Dollar Family members are exclusively for informational and educational purposes. This program requires hard work, dedication, a focus on learning…and we’ve found that a heart for helping others is pretty dang helpful in both life and business. 

 Now here is some legal stuff (you had to know that was coming.) Nothing on this page, any of our associated websites, social media properties, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results. We always recommend using caution and consulting your accountant, lawyer, or professional financial advisor before making any investment decision or before acting on this or any other business or financial information. Basically: talk to professionals before you start investing, recognize that all investments come with an inherent risk, and we don’t guarantee results. Pretty straightforward, right?