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Unlock self-made multi-millionaire Kiana Danial's exact 3 secrets to not just get by… but to Create GENERATIONAL WEALTH, increase your INCOME, build INFLUENCE & INSURE your investments. 

(even during a recession)

December 9th - 10th, 2023

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


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In this 5-day LIVE event, you'll learn exactly how to build your own Wealth Diva Ecosystem™ following Kiana Danial's proven method.

About Kiana Danial,
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Kiana Danial, CEO of Invest Diva, and internationally recognized personal investing and financial education expert.

But things weren't always like this for Kiana. She came to the US with big dreams in 2012 and got a job on Wall Street, but shortly after, she got fired...

After years of trial & error, self-study, and perseverance she finally made her first million dollars in revenue and built a $1.5M portfolio. 

Kiana is a six-time author, and 3 of her books are WSJ, USA Today and/or Amazon, & Barnes & Nobel Bestsellers.

She grew her portfolio from $1M to $10M in just one year...  even though the markets were crashing.

Having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Forbes, Kiplinger, Business Insider, TheStreet, Nasdaq, Fox Business, CNNi, Yahoo! Finance, and Cheddar, Kiana is a highly sought-after commentator, professional speaker, and executive coach who has reported on the financial markets directly from the floor of NYSE and NASDAQ.

Kiana's mission with Invest Diva is to empower and educate women to take control of their financial future.

"Follow my footsteps that got me from $1M in revenue to $10M in EXACTLY 1 year" 

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Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren't listed below, please contact support@investdiva.com

Q: What time is the training everyday?

For general admin ticket holders it's everyday from 5pm-6pm Eastern.
VIP ticket holders 4pm-6pm Eastern

Q: How much is the training?

There are three ways to participate in the event. The General Admission Experience is only $97 and the VIP Experience is only $297 for the exclusive VIP ticket Zoom pre-game show with Q&A and VIP coaching with multi-millionaire and best-selling author, Kiana Danial. Upgrade to VIP plus for priority to get your questions answered first!

Q: How is this different than your courses or free content on offers?

While I do have content available on investing and generational wealth creation, this is my premiere content on building a wealth ecosystem that has helped me go from Welfare to millionaire status.

Q: Are the challenge classes live?

Yes, classes will be live. Although the classes will be live and recorded you won't be able to purchase the recordings so you will need to watch the challenge live or watch the recordings for the limited time they will be posted in the Facebook group.

Q: How does the 5 day challenge work?

Each day we will have a morning training complete with a Q&A session in the evening that way you are encouraged to complete the tasks within the window provided and ask questions in the evening should you have any.

Q: Will I get direct feedback from Kiana?

Yes, if you have the VIP or VIP Plus Experience you will have live Q & A' s daily where you can ask anything covered in the challenge. If you have General Admission you will have the ability to listen to the Q&A but not to ask questions directly. But your questions will more than likely be asked by someone in the VIP Experience. 

Q: What if my plans change? Can I get a refund?

. If your plans change prior to the start of the event, please contact support@investdiva.com and we can transfer your registration to our next event. After the event starts, General Admission tickets are non-refundable. VIP ticket refunds will only be considered IF the ticket holder is present at the VIP session AND has their camera turned on. 

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I have ONE last thing for you:

Most people who start trading and investing on their own LOSE all their money, especially if they simply try to "play" the markets without any knowledge or education. Please be aware that we are not implying that starting to invest on your own is a guarantee that will turn you into a millionaire. Investing is not a golden ticket. We are not promising you that you are going to become a rich investor! We are not promising or guaranteeing your success. We are here to present the facts. 

This team of coaches is here to share a perspective and some mistakes to avoid, and some things that might work if you are willing to work them. This conference is not here to present pie in the sky. We are here to present some possibilities and potential for creating a profitable investment portfolio for your family. We wish you the best on your journey!!!

Disclaimer: Any information presented is not investment advice.  
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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: The Invest Diva Movement, Make your Money Work For You PowerCourse, and the Build Your Wealth Ecosystem Live were created to help those who want to grow their wealth  through investing in online financial assets such as stocks . While many have achieved financial success by following the steps outlined in our events and programs, these is not get-rich-quick services. If you want to find a get-rich-quick scheme, we encourage you to scroll right by us, and we wish you well in your endeavors. Seriously, the internet is full of them...you just won’t find one here. 

The products and services offered  are exclusively for informational and educational purposes. This program requires hard work, dedication, a focus on learning…and we’ve found that a heart for helping others is pretty dang helpful in both life and business. 


 Now here is some legal stuff (you had to know that was coming.) Nothing on this page, any of our associated websites, social media properties, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results. We always recommend using caution and consulting your accountant, lawyer, or professional financial advisor before making any investment decision or before acting on this or any other business or financial information. Basically: talk to professionals before you start investing, recognize that all investments come with an inherent risk, and we don’t guarantee results. Pretty straightforward, right?