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How to Make $3,000 per Month by becoming an Invest Diva Affiliate
- The 120-Day Challenge - 
Start Giving Yourself a Raise!
Here is how you can make $3,000 per month, by becoming an Invest Diva affiliate. 

 Let’s say you’re able to get only 1 new free subscriber to Invest Diva per day. In fact, you probably can do more, following our guidelines. But let's focus on 1 new subscriber per day.
Every time you bring in a new subscriber, after 1 day they are invited to the PowerCourse MasterClass, and after that, they are invited to our Premium investing group. All of these are really cool services as I’m sure you already know. 

Once they upgraded to any of our services, including books, or groups, or education courses, or anything else, YOU GET PAID
As an affiliate, you get paid 40% commission on all our recurring subscription services, books, and the Forex Coffee Break. For the PowerCourse, which costs a lot higher to join, you’ll get 25%, which is around $250 for you if they buy it on sale at $1,000, and then after a year, they’ll become a paid investing group member.

Breaking Down the Numbers
Let’s say, that your subscriber decides to join just the Investing group, and not even the PowerCouse or anything else. 

For the $79/ month subscription, you'll get paid $32 per month, per subscriber.

For sake of argument, let's say they get it on a sale price of $59 per month. So that means, for every new subscriber that you bring who gets enrolled in the investing group, you start getting paid $25 per month.
So let me walk you through to how it works. Basically, every morning you wake up and think ok how can I get one subscriber to sign up on Invest Diva for free. Just 1 subscriber per day! If I get one subscriber per day, that basically means you’re getting yourself a raise every day. 

This should become your mantra “How can I get myself a raise today?”
Let me break this down for you.

Every day you wake up and you say I’m going to give Invest Diva to one person who needs it today. And I don’t know about you, but any individual who wants to grow their money and make their money work for them needs Invest Diva. 

So you give that away to somebody, and what happens? They start getting our free insights, they have an amazing experience, they start learning how they can manage their money on their own, so they decide to take it to the next level and start getting our awesome investing insights and ask questions about their portfolios by joining our Investing Group. 

And when they do that, what happens to you? For each person you give it away, you make at least $25. And this is assuming they won’t buy any of our books or education services or Rick’s Trading Insights which is almost $500 per month.

What happens if you get one subscriber for every single day, for 120 days?
So the first day, you get the first person signed up to the investing group, you change their lives forever, and you make $25. Awesome. Next day you wake up, you’re excited you wanna start doing this, so you spend maybe 8 hours, maybe an hour and a half, you get that person to sign up, and boom, you just gave yourself a raise. Now you get $50 dollars a month.

The next day, you wake up you say I’m gonna do this as fast as possible, so you spend 30 minutes, and you get the third person to sign up, and bam, you get yourself a raise for the day, now you are done, you can go goof off with your kids, and you’ve got yourself a raise, now you get $75 per month. The next day you wake up, you’re getting even better at signing people up, you spend 10 minutes, and you get the 4th person to sign up. You get yourself a raise, and you get paid $100 per month. 

As you can see it keeps going up. And every day you get better at signing people up and goes from taking you an hour, to taking you 5 minutes to get someone to sign up. What we’re going to do to help you is providing you with all the ads you’d need so you can set them up automatically and it will literally take you no time to get them up and running every day.

So at the end of 120 days, you’ll have 120 people who are signed up. Now, this is where some magic happens. If you do the math on that, when you get 120 people signed up, you’re affiliate commission, even if they don’t upgrade to our other services, they are on our lowest monthly subscription, which is pretty awesome, is $3,000 per month.

What would you do if you get $3,000 extra every month? 

For some of you guys that covers your house mortgage or car payment, but for many of you, you can reinvest it in your investment portfolio to grow it yet another 12% to 200% per year. This is exactly the compounding wealth growth I keep talking about.

So with that, I really want you guys to go ahead and signup for our affiliate program, keep watching this video every day to keep yourself motivated and start making that extra $3,000 or more per month. It literally takes 5 minutes to sign up, each and every person you’ll bring in will keep getting tracked, and we have done all the hard work of creating ads and videos already for you. That is your 120-day affiliate challenge, you’re gonna help other people become financially free, and in the meantime, you’ll get the ability to invest even more.

Pretty cool stuff right? So now, go get started with your free affiliate account and start getting yourself that raise!

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